idk why people reblog stuff when people are straight up like “stop reblogging this”. it’s about as funny as when my coworker keeps calling me my birth name when I’ve asked them to to call me by my chosen one. like it’s a joke&they’re bein cute or something.

respect peoples choices like god damn

Lutz Bacher, Appropriated Celestial Photographs, (2012)

death in the afternoon is such a good fucking band. it’s so good. ssooooo good. I wish they would make more music but it’s been like two years. rip.


hanging out w/ friends:


lace stadium jk (mint)

that photo set I just made didn’t load like 5/6 pictures god bless tumblr mobile

4/6 - 4/15


*makes heterophobic text post*

It’s a metaphor, see? You make a mean text post, but you don’t back it with thousands of years of violently-upheld institutional power, so it doesn’t have the power to actually hurt anyone. 

"harmless ignorance"

ignorance isn’t harmless. whether or not someone intended me to feel dysphoric/invalidated by calling me a girl or she or ma’am doesn’t change the fact that they are still doing that, and disrespecting that part of my existence. which if you’re cis you may not realize, when people get to assume your gender without it being anything more than “oops my bad” if they get it wrong (which is pretty damn rare to begin with), but your gender is a pretty big fuckin part of your existence. whether or not people are ignorant of the “5 million different gender identities” doesn’t change the fact that ignorance is fucking DANGEROUS and NOT HARMLESS which I got a lovely firsthand reminder this sunday and even just wearing my pronoun pin to work terrifies me and holy shit I’m just so fuckin angry at allies BEING LIKE THIS

​YOU can choose to not be angry at ignorant people, but I sure as hell can when I go day in&day out with being misgendered and probably will for the rest of my life, having to chalk it up to “oh they’re just ignorant, no big deal!!!!”

tl;dr if you’re cis stop reblogging posts telling trans people who we’re allowed to be angry at.
you have no fucking idea and you need to shut up and fucking listen


Offensive things aren’t offensive merely because they hurt feelings - they’re offensive because they contribute to the societal harm of marginalized groups. The end goal isn’t to get everyone to love each other, it’s to destroy power imbalances.

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ghost aka a guy with a problem


landscape studies (3/4 are referenced from geoguessr)



I don’t wanna be at my parents’ for another second but I also want clean clothes so. gonna get them started at least. maybe I’ll just go home and hang them out to dry. god. they’ve been really binarist and disgusting today on so many levels. I’m just gonna take all this food and shit and go home god damn. u__u